New Contact Lenses : Innovations In Optical Technology For Eyes

Contact lenses have progressed with new solutions and modern styles that complement everyone's way of life and needs. Historically, the story of contact lenses started with Leonardo da Vinci, who had a vision. In his notebooks from about 1508 he talked about improving vision by placing a lens over the whole eye. Many years later and many countries away the contact lens evolved into what it has become today, a razor thin addition to part of the eye that improves vision immensely.

A. E. Fick, a physiologist in Zurich, gave us the name contact lenses. He took molds of rabbit eyes and then cadaver eyes to make the first pair of corrective lenses for himself. These glass inventions did not work very well and were very uncomfortable to wear. He was only able to wear them for two hours.

As we moved into the twentieth century not much was being done with the contact lens. For a long time contact lenses were weighty, painful, and uncomfortable to wear. They were not healthy because it slowed the flow of oxygen to the eye. During the 40's Kevin Tuohy found a new way to incorporate a plastic lens. Because of this discovery we have been on a path to new ways to improve upon this marvelous invention.


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The top brands for contacts are: Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Boston, Cooper Vision, Ocular Science, and Johnson & Johnson. There are various types of contact lenses including:

- Bifocal Lenses which offer a clearer vision with multiple distances
- Colored Lenses allows the wearer a cosmetic change
- Custom Lenses a specific solution just for you
- Disposable Lenses giving the wearer a healthier experience
- Extended Wear Lenses which offers a safe opportunity for sleepwear
- Gas Permeable (GP) Lenses which offers the ultimate clear clean vision
- Monovision an option if bifocal contact lenses don't work
- Orthokeratology Lenses allows contact lens-free vision during the day
- Prosthetic Contact Lenses gives you a way to mask a disfigurement
- Silicone Hydrogel Contacts will transmit more oxygen to your eyes
- Special-Effect Contact Lenses allows you to become exotic or different
- Toric Contact Lenses provides an options if you have astigmatism



There are many new technologies and features in the new contact lens. In February 2009 a new material was announced that would be used in gas permeable contact lenses. This new material will have multiple benefits for contract lens wearer. The new lens' that are coming out are more specific to precise wearers. There is a new lens for multifocal wearers. Keratoconus wearers have a new lens also. There was a time when contacts were one size fits all, but that has changed. Contact lens now offer a solution for all wearers.


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